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I have always known that the future is not written in stone. Which is why my readings are prescriptive with guidance rather than predictive.

We constantly create our world through our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and decisions.

There is great power in this, much more than believing that everything is predestined (or doomed) or that you are victim of unfair circumstances.

What you send out in thought and intention will always come back to you.

Your mind will always create what you believe. If you believe yourself powerless you’ll experience that within you until you become willing to change that belief.

Right now we are at a moment in history where we are riding a very intense wave of change together. We need our power along with peace, calm and spiritual direction more than ever.

Though it may not feel like it, you still have your power!

You are pure Source energy, an unlimited, creative , spiritual being within a physical body. When you focus on this spiritual power you’ll feel calmer, your intuitive wisdom kicks in & you start to see a change.

Here are a few things you can do with your spiritual power:
You can use your mind to direct positive energy as light to heal and protect yourself and others.
You can practice grounding and gratitude to stay present while allowing the new future to unfold.
You can dial into your angels for their guidance and Divine Love energy to keep your emotional energy high and bright.
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You can use mantras and affirmations aloud and in your mind to reverse the effects of fear.

You can project a hopeful, healing and peaceful vision into the future, knowing that will make a difference.

A few minutes a day doing any 1 of these suggestions will make a huge difference.

The decisions you make and the thoughts you entertain are creating your world. We are part of a bigger world and so our individual actions have an effect the whole.

What do you want to create? 

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The Prayer for Change.

Dear angels,
Please help me to be as peaceful as possible though the changes in the wider world and my personal experience.  Help me to know and use my true power.
Help me to become aware of what I most need to change. Brighten my inner sight to see what I need to know. Give me the courage to act on this guidance. Show me what I need to release and let go, allow me to be free of that which is destructive and unhealthy. Give me the strength to set and keep loving boundaries. Show me what I most need to learn and bring in to create a peaceful, love filled life that brings me and others joy.  Amen

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The Healing Power of Divine Love.
The angels will work on your heart and mind energies to lift you to the highest vibrations of Divine Love
You will receive a deep angelic energy cleanse to clear cords and release low frequencies that keep you stuck in fear, powerlessness and negativity. You will feel lighter, clearer and aligned to magnetize love, abundance and joy.
The Healing Power of Divine Love 
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Angel blessings
Rachel Scoltock
Angel Medium


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