How To Know if You’re Growing Spiritually

Spiritual Awakening

Do you ever stop to wonder if you’re growing spiritually?

We can all get stuck on our spiritual path, repeat old patterns, procrastinate, be distracted and be taken off the path by our ego.

Here are 5 signs that you’re growing spiritually:

1- You’re more attracted to peace than drama.

Do you find yourself avoiding the news and scrolling through Netflix for something uplifting and spiritual?

Spirtual seekers are naturally attracted to peace and light.

Being on a spiritual path helps you to deal with the negativity in the world (and the ego within yourself). You learn to listen more often to your higher soul-self rather than your lower ego thoughts.

Peace and a desire to avoid drama is a sign that you’re growing spiritually.

Progress isn’t always a straight line though.

Ego can show up in many disguises.

If you find yourself scrolling through the comments on social media for arguments or watching too many true-crime shows. Your ego may have taken over. Ego finds drama exciting, seeking it out for the adrenaline hit. It’s a temporary, toxic high which ultimately drains you, lowering your vibration and holding you back.

Anytime you feel that drama or negativity are taking over ask your angels to help you to detach from ego, reconnect you to Source and guide you to situations that bring you peace.

2- You’re learning and developing your gifts.

The spiritual path IS a path of learning.

Even the most naturally gifted psychics, teachers and healers are always learning. Most go through training and development to strengthen their gifts so they can  fulfil their potential and perhaps help others.

The more you understand and develop your spiritual side, the stronger your connection becomes.

Your innate gifts and abilities will surface. You’ll start to manifest what you need, rather than feeling powerless to change the course of your life.

As you develop and learn, you start to understand your purpose and you’ll be given the guidance about how to use your gifts help others.

3- You have a regular Spiritual Practice.

There is a reason why most spirtual teachers suggest a daily practice of meditation, journaling and energy protection. Your spiritual practice keeps your ego in check and ensures that your spiritual connection remains strong and clear.

If you’ve stopped meditating it’s because ego has persuaded you it’s too hard or you’re too busy and this can lead to negative thoughts which manifest more problems.

You can start your spiritual practice at any time with a daily guided meditation. Enrol on my next program to develop a strong daily practice.

4 -You are following your guidance.

Your life is moving forward and it feels aligned. You’re taking leaps of faith, trusting in your angels and your intuition to guide you.

It’s not unusual to become stuck in a swamp of doubt and procrastination on your spiritual path!

You receive some significant guidance to take an important step that will change everything. (e.g. take a course, write a book, start a business, leave a toxic situation)

Suddenly you start doing anything to avoid taking that step: over-eating, caring for others, taking on extra work, getting involved in dramas, feeling guilty.

This is known as spiritual self sabotage. It’s like putting your hands over your ears and singing loudly to avoid hearing your guides.

The message won’t go away and will keep repeating until you listen.

Ask Archangel Michael to help you to release your fear and to give you the courage to take that step. Then take it. Write a chapter, pay a deposit. Take one small action and keep going.

Remember: progress is more important than perfection.

5-You are less attached to perfection and more interested in being yourself

God is in you, as you. 

It’s a waste of time trying to be anything or anyone but yourself spiritually or otherwise.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you should float around in a white kaftan, drumming and quoting Rumi (or any other stereotype.)

You can be spiritual in cowboy boots or Hi-Tops and jeans listening to country, rock, or whatever makes you feel the most you!

There is no such thing as a spiritually perfect person.

No- one, no matter what they claim, is a reincarnated Ascended master or Archangel. (another ego trap)

We’re all here in Earth School bumbling along together.

Let the Divine in you, express itself as the authentic you and give up any self comparison or false ideas about what it means to be spiritual. You’re here to learn and grow as YOU.

No matter how “spiritual” you are, everyone is susceptible to distraction and the illusions of ego. We all have unhealed wounds that can show up as triggers and fears.

Every single human encounters difficult obstacles, loss, struggle and heartbreak that can challenge even the strongest faith.

⚡⭐None of this necessarily means that you’re “off” your spiritual path.

Arguably these challenges ARE the spiritual path IF we allow them to lead us to greater awareness and healing.

It’s never too late to recognise a toxic pattern and seek healing (and forgiveness if necessary).

Even our darkest moments are grist for the mill of the soul.

We always have something to learn which leads to a new understanding and higher levels of spiritual growth.

Here are some ways I can help you to advance on your spiritual path:

1- Join my Monthly Archangel Attunement Events-These 90 minute sessions are an opportunity to regularly connect with the angels and release lower energies that can sabotage you spiritually and otherwise. Each class is a mixture of learning and healing.

2- Sign up for my Spiritual Development Programs- Angel Communication and Awaken Your Soul Gifts are created for Lightworkers to switch on their inner light, activate their spiritual gifts and discover their next steps. A realistic spiritual practice is a core teaching in both programs.

3- Sign up for the Free Angel Library of Meditations to accompany your spiritual practice

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