Are you feeling unappreciated, lonely or misunderstood?

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Dear Beautiful Soul,
I wanted to connect with you today, to let you know that you are deeply loved, understood and appreciated both from Heaven and here on earth.

I KNOW that you work really hard in your life, to make things work for you and your loved ones, there are lots of things you do behind the scenes that others probably don’t see or appreciate.

Your deep empathy means that you can’t always switch off and that means you sometimes feel that other’s just don’t understand what you feel or go through.

I know you have big dreams that you are chipping away at, and sometimes those goals feel a million miles away. Even so, your brave spirit keeps going even when you are worn out and worn down. Please trust, those dreams are coming true.

I also know that you deeply care about the world, and you work hard to make sure that people around you feel loved, acknowledged and are okay, even if they don’t always return the favor.

Being a sensitive soul and isn’t easy, you have a big caring heart that sometimes you wish you could switch off from all the pain and suffering in the world! Your presence and love make a big difference to people around you. You help people just by being you.

Loss and heartache can feel unbearable and yet you still manage to be kind, offer supportive comments and uplift people even when you feel down. (you are allowed to feel down.)

You have Angels with you at all times, don’t forget those angels, they are witness to all your struggles and your wins, they see what you do, who you are at the absolute core and they see how hard you can be on yourself sometimes. Ask for and accept their help more often, please.

You are not alone.

Today this message is a simple one- it is angel – authored but it’s also coming through me to you with my heartfelt love as well (because being an angel medium allows me to see with their unconditionally loving eyes and feel with their intensely compassionate love)

“You are loved, you are seen and you are vitally important in ways you cannot understand.
Your Angels want you to know this and feel it in your very core.
“Be easier, more loving and gentle to yourself, cease beating yourself up about your seeming imperfections and your mistakes. Trust, and lean on your angels for support.
From Heaven’s perspective there are no imperfections and no mistakes, all inadequacies are only seen from fear’s perspective and do not exist in the Light of Love. When you lay down your weapons of self punishment you will experience immense healing and support.”

YES this message is for you, don’t doubt it. Accept it.

Rachel xx

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