When it comes to developing your intuition and living a successful, guided life, it’s really common to get blocked and feel like you’re not doing it right.

You can get stuck doubting yourself and your intuitive nudges to the point that you squash your confidence & clog your third eye.

Then your ego can get in the way by trying to control the whole thing, leaving you completely confused about whether your signs are a figment of your imagination or actually real guidance.

That’s when imposter syndrome kicks in and you feel like the least intuitive person on Earth!

So, how do you put an end to all this fear and doubt and replace it with confidence and trust in your intuition ?

Today I’d like to share with you 4 subtle ways you could be blocking yourself from hearing the angels and your intuition and show you how to overcome these blocks:

#1 Doubt

Do you doubt your intuition and the signs you receive from the angels?

You aren’t alone. 90% of those who attend my programs admit to having genuine doubts about whether their messages are real or imaginary.

These doubts make you distrust yourself.

First, I want you to know that your ego will never be satisfied!  There’s always going to be a skeptic within, don’t be afraid of it, just know it’s there and learn to develop your intuitive channels so you can make the voice of your soul, louder than the voice of your ego.

It’s also  really helpful to know the difference between false and real guidance read my article here. 

#2 Imposter syndrome.

Before becoming an Angel Medium I worked in the entertainment industry and I met many well known musicians and actors. I’ve also read for famous people. I’ve learned that everyone experiences imposter syndrome at some point. It’s a sign that you are growing beyond your comfort zone!

Imposter Syndrome is torturous though, and it happens when your small-self (ego) tells you that you aren’t qualified, ready or worthy enough. It fills your mind with doubt and anxiety, making you feel like a fake who’s about to be busted at any moment!

Has someone else been putting you down lately? Imposter syndrome can come up in response to how you perceive others think about you. Cut those cords, clear your energy and stop comparing yourself to other people. You do have what it takes to intuitively connect with the angels!

Imposter Syndrome is pure fear, it’s not real.  As you develop your intuition and strengthen your energy protection, the fear will diminish.


#3 Expectations

There is a big gap between how the angels really communicate with us and what most people THINK it’s like.  We’ve all seen movies about spirits and angels which lead us to believe that Spirit appears  in a certain way.

I’ve lost count of the creative and surprising ways me and my students received a goosebumpy message. You just need to be open to your guidance coming in unexpected ways. I wrote about this in my book. 

Exhale your expectations and let the angels guide you in their own naturally, creative way. Get to know your unique intuitive personality so you understand how you receive guidance.

#4Control issues anyone?

No one likes to be told what to do,  least of all me!

Some people fear being “possessed” by angels or being told to do something they dread such as marry someone they don’t fancy, or follow a career path that doesn’t appeal to them!

This. Never. Happens.

Genuine guidance would never force you into something that isn’t right for you.

Angels don’t wish to control your life, only to support and protect you on your Divine path!  Free will is everything.

These fears can cause you to shut out your angel’s messages with an energetic “helmet” over your crown, third eye and ear chakras.

Meditate and ask the Archangel Michael to lift this blocking energy from you.You’ll experience an instant lift in your vibration and intuitive awareness.

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