Are you living how you want to live? Is this what you imagined for yourself? What would you change if you had the money, support and it was easy? What if the Divine has a better plan for you, in your work, finances relationships, home, your health or something else?

I saw a program this week about a man who was a hoarder.  This dear man had packed his home to the rafters, with newspapers and other junk, his house was so choked he had to burrow through the rooms at ceiling level.

This sweet, undernourished, Vitamin D deficient man had left himself was a tiny space with barely enough room for a chair, and his ancient typewriter which was where he slept, ate ( 1 meal a day) and worked. He believed that his purpose in life was tied into collecting papers. He reminded me of a mole when they brought him blinking out into the junk filled yard to interview him. Amazingly the hoarder saw nothing much wrong with his predicament, seeing it more as a storage problem, He could not see a reason to change or that he needed to. A professional Dr walked away shaking his head.

The man lived in a village that took enormous pride in the look of their town, he had become even more of an outcast he was much disliked for his messy garden which provided the only blot on the landscape. They took him to court, they even paid for a fence to hide his home from the “Best town in Britain judge”.

There also lived in the village an angel in the shape of a local builder who did not follow local opinion but really felt for his fellow villager. He gently got past this man’s defenses and offered free help to clear the outside of the house. After a while the big hearted builder arranged a working bee.

Then began the unraveling. People brought the hoarder food as their own prejudices melted, he began to fill out.

Then there was this marvelous moment where he looked at the inside of his home as if noticing it for the first time saying something like, this is crazy. He finally saw it!

This is a great metaphor for all of us, even when change is so obviously necessary, we often miss all the signs, living with the hardship or pain, undervaluing ourselves, not being able to see the exit or that there even is one.

We miss the clear guidance that the Divine sends us starting with little nudges, pushes and ending with a huge cosmic kick in the butt if we wait long enough.

However, if denial can be powerful enough to divert a mans attention away from four million rotting newspapers suffocating his life force, then it can definitely distract each of us from a growing waistline, a toxic relationship or job, a destructive habit or from going for that long distant dream that fades as the months, years and decades fly by. Somewhere deep inside there is a tiny little voice that says: this is not what you wanted, something needs to change, you are not as happy /healthy as you know you could be.Only to be drowned out by all the justifications, fear and excuses that keep you stuck.

There may even be people around you that tell you what is wrong, THEY can see it, they know what needs to change and even how to do it, but that makes you dig your heals in deeper, even if secretly you know they are right (smug bastards).

The truth is that change is overwhelming, scary and how do you start? Sometimes it is easier to bury your self back into denial and ignore those signs no matter how obvious they seem to be.

I once worked at an organization that literally made me sick, every day before I left for work I was ill, I blamed sinuses,, allergies, but the truth was I hated my job and it was the wrong environment for me, I stayed because I felt I should. I did not fit in there and had so many run in’s with management, for my clothing, jewellery, my mannerisms. I was late almost everyday! . They just did not like me , nor I them. One day, four years in, I was sacked ( unfairly) and the day after I was not ill, and never was again in that way. The Divine had been trying to get my attention for years, I found another much more aligned job, understanding at the deepest level that I had just received a cosmic kick.

The trouble is I have seen people receive a firm kick and still keep trying to make a bad situation work, so what happens after that? There is always the free will to die trying I suppose, but wouldn’t it suck to get that revelation on the last day of your life?

After watching the plight of the hoarder, I was reminded how the Divine can intervene and will keep trying, until we get it. We have the free will to ignore all the signs but perhaps like the hoarder we do want to change, we just do not know how or what.

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Here are a few suggestions to break yourself out of the slumber of denial and to start listening to what Divine guidance has for you before you get the cosmic kick!

Let something in: A series of small events helped the deluged man to become more receptive and wham! He saw the problem,. A little care and nurturing made all the difference. The signs are there, but you need to let yourself see. So what can you do to be kinder to yourself? What can you start to say yes or no to?

Try slowing down a little, being busy is a great way to blindfold yourself to the truth of your life and things you have not been willing to look at.

Hand it over: Spirit has been trying to get your attention so ask the Divine and your Angels to show you what needs to change.

Tell them you are ready and that you need guidance in the form of clear, easy to understand signs. Start looking at the signs you have already had, what is piled up in your life that you are not looking at? Say : “Angels, please show me what I can do to change, what do I need to let go of what does not help me to be happy. Guide me to something that does. I know you know what I need to do, please guide me to the perfect (……..), take care of every detail, bring me helpful people, show me clear signs that I am on the right track and please please lift any denial and self deception from me. Release me of my fears and then show me the truth“

Release the resistance – Let go of trying to prove everyone wrong, those people who are trying to get you to change do not realize that they are making it harder for your ego to let go, but you do. It really does not matter what THEY think or say. If they are mean then avoid them but if they love you, you can talk to them. Be honest and ask for support rather than judgement. Ask them to back off. Tell them what you really need, they will probably jump at the chance to help you out. As soon as you ask for Divine help to change your life for the better, helpful people and support will miraculously appear, you just need to say “yes”.

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Author and Spiritual Teacher who has been working with the angels to help people find their true path for 22 years.

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