Do you Struggle with Negative Thoughts and Painful Emotions? Free guided meditation

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This message is from a special group of angels who call themselves the Golden Angels of Compassion. They help you to understand and overcome your painful emotions and thoughts.There is also a free guided prayer and healing with these angels linked via the bottom of this article.

Do you struggle with painful emotions and negative thoughts?

Do these feelings and thoughts make you feel as if you are failing and letting yourself down?

It can be really scary and a bit guilt inducing because we all know nowdays that our thoughts create our experiences, however, why is it that we are still thinking at least some unhappy, self-depreciating and ungrateful thoughts?

I understand. I experience painful emotions and negative thoughts sometimes too. Especially if I have been through a difficult experience like failing at something, going through a breakup or losing a loved one.

Perhaps as a therapist and healer, I shouldn’t  be admitting this, like a fitness coach showing you their cellulite. However, we are all human and all in this together, living and learning and growing.

 there is a good reason for our so-called negative emotions.

This is what many spiritual teachers and authors will not tell you but is absolutely true.

 I am going to show you why you and I still have negative thoughts, how it can be a good thing sometimes,  and the best way to deal with your negativity so you can let go of new age guilt and create a life that lights you up and fulfills your heart.

Truth #1

You experience negative thoughts because you are human.  Difficult times are a part of being alive. Unless you retreat to a mountain cabin and avoid humanity completely, nice as that sounds, chances are you are going to live through some conflict, limitation, heartbreak, and loss. When you do, it is normal to question yourself and your experiences, you will likely go through an array of emotions from fear and anger to grief, confusion, and anxiety and it is all part of your soul’s purpose.

Your body’s natural stress response also contributes to your thinking too. When you have had a period of continued stress or a traumatic event your fight or flight system floods your body with stress hormones and altering your brain to look for and identify problems. IF you seem to be lying awake at night worrying then this could be the culprit. Your mind gets stuck in the ON position for worry and fear. Meditation, slow deep breaths and abstaining overdoing work and caffeine will help your body to switch back to a more peaceful state.

Truth #2

Some of your negative emotions have a purpose.

There are times when your so-called negative feelings are beneficial.  They help you to make changes, to take greater responsibility for yourself and help you to recognize when you are off track.

Your negative emotions wake you up! No one enjoys long-term suffering. Your pain urges you to do something, change your situation, think differently.

Through challenges, you learn to understand yourself and your life and what it means to share the planet with others. It is through finding out what you do not want and being uncomfortable that you discover your true abilities, desires, and your preferences.

Once a hard time has passed you can look back and glean wisdom from it. You can see how you may have disempowered yourself or what belief or choice led you to the situation.

It may not be pretty to find out the truth but these discoveries encourage you to make positive changes.

If you are willing to learn from troubles then your resistance recedes and you allow the energy to shift. If you stay stuck in bitterness or why me? then it takes longer you to detach from the situation.

You will eventually realize that even though parts of life are painful, it is all, none the less, perfect.

 Truth #3, not all negativity is helpful

 There is a difference between processing your suffering and wallowing in self-pity, blame, and hopelessness. One is empowered and the other is disempowering.

Being willing to understand and process your emotions and move past difficulties allows you to heal, even if you have no idea how that will happen.

It will help to ask empowering questions like: How can I heal from this? Rather than keeping yourself as a victim by repeating: Why me?

Negativity really means “powerlessness” because in the moments when you feel bad, you are forgetting the infinite nature of the Universe and your personal power to connect to and access a higher energy.

Blame, guilt, self-pity, and judgment are the most toxic of the emotions, and they dis-empower everyone involved AND are a sign that there is no growth or maturity. In fact, these emotions can be used as an excuse to not change or grow. Blame, projected guilt and self-pity are often used by manipulators to abuse and control other people.

This is the “negativity” that we are all really trying to avoid in others and ourselves because we sense is so toxic.

Guilt about feeling negative will not help you to heal either. I think it is a time we all let go of the new age” shoulds” There are no such rules in the Divine Mind, only love. We are all just trying to return to a state of Love and compassion.

Truth #4 You can recover from all negative experiences and find peace.

When unhealthy negative emotions and fears take over your mind, they can damage your self-esteem and steal your sense of hope and power. This is when it is a good idea to reach out for professional emotional support. Find someone who can help you to release your pain, find meaning in your struggles, and can shed light on the path ahead as you find your power again.

Reach out to your angels too. Divine angels never leave your side, though it is harder to sense them when you are down because of those heavy emotional vibrations blocking you. There is a special group of angels who are focused just on clearing your energy of those negative emotions and their effects. They are called the Golden Angels of Compassion.

You can call on these angels at any time Below is a guided Angel Healing to help you to recover from pain and struggle.

When you feel flooded with negative emotion and those fearful thoughts won’t leave you alone,  call on the Golden Angels of Healing to assist you.

The Golden Angels bring the radiant light of Divine love, to your situation. Divine Love is the highest purest energy available. With this love, the Angels are able to clear you of the toxic emotions that disconnect you from your soul light and the Light of the Divine.

They will, with your permission, stay with you and guide you through and then help you to understand the truth behind your suffering and as they release you from your attachment to it.

The angels bring compassion to you for your present state of being and never judge you for how you feel. They protect you against the negative opinions of others and remind you to love and honor yourself.

You can learn more about angels and how they can help you in my book My Life with Angels

Here is a short recording of a guided meditative prayer to call in the Golden Angels of Compassion to release you of all the effects of negativity, pain and suffering.

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and
Author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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